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Foalhood Septicemias - With the foaling season nearing, it is important that you are prepared to prevent the bacterial infections that may be life threatening to newborn foals.

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs - Despite many years of selective breeding, hip dysplasia remains one of the commonest orthopaedic diseases of dogs.

Bears are part of our lives - Bears have entered in our culture and nationalism since years.

Dog Treats are Great but Chocolate is Dangerous - Nothing gives more satisfaction than rewarding our dogs when they do something right.

What is the deal with guard dogs - As there are a lot of Indian dogs, breeders have started the competition; but this time it is not about the best in show, but who makes the top 10 guard dogs.

Golden Retriever Breed Diseases and Health Problems - There are around six major conditions or diseases that Golden Retrievers most frequently suffer with.

Great Dane Advice - The Great Dane is known as the gentle giant because it is more affectionate and happy than fierce.

Connect With The Right Puppy Buyer Or Breeder Of Your Choice - Are you a puppy buyer or a breeder; or just a once-through-buyer looking for a good breed for your home? What ever, be the puppy or kitten requirement that you have, you have come to the right site pawsitesonline.

Learn About The English Bulldog - Bulldogs have been seen in history as fighting dogs, but that is really far from the true nature of the dog breed.

Raccoons and My Sanity - Raccoon raids on my cat Spike is driving both of us nuts.

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