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Learn About The English Bulldog

The care of an English Bulldog when speaking about grooming is rather easy. You can brush them once a week to help remove dirt and dead hair, but they don't really need bathes. In fact you should only use a damp cloth if you do need to clean them up a little. You will find they shed a little, but brushing once a week or twice a week can help with that.

The extensive part of care comes with the dental and mouth cleaning. They need to have frequent washings of the mouth area and the folds of the skin with water, as well as dental care. Their temperament can exhibit dominant behavior over other animals and sometimes humans, but once you show them who is master and give them a little obedience training you will have a great pet. You can train the English Bulldog to be a guard dog, but mostly they are just good natured.

Training should always be consistent and done with a firm hand. You don't want to exhibit any dominance in a cruel or impatient manner. It is best to show who is boss, but to allow them respect. You should also realize they can tend to be a little lazy, so it can be hard to keep them on task, especially when training.

Unlike other dog breeds you will also find the English Bulldog to need little exercise. Small walks and a little play time are sufficient. In fact they can tire really easily if you exert them too much during exercise. English Bulldogs and other breeds of Bulldogs have a long history of being aggressive due to the history. History once used these dogs for sport in fighting or bullbaiting.

This of course produced aggressive behavior, but it has placed a bad light on most bulldogs. You will find that an English Bulldog raised from a puppy will not exhibit extreme aggression; in fact you will find the opposite as stated above. For any concerns or questions regarding appropriate and regular behavior of the English Bulldog you will want to speak directly to a breeder.

They work with the dogs and understand their normal behaviors better than most anyone. Bulldogs have bad reputations for being aggressive animals in a home or with children. In order to understand what a bulldog, especially an English Bulldog is really like you will need to research them a little. This article is designed to help you figure out if an English Bulldog is the right companion for you.

The English Bulldog breed reaches a height of twelve to fourteen inches and a range of fifty to fifty- five pounds in weight. They are a small, but very muscular dog. You will find the English Bulldog is usually white around the neck, a tan belly and rear, with a tan face and black around the ears and snout. Typical of other bulldogs this dog breed has a shout winkled snout. It often looks like it is sad or pouting. The coat is a smooth, short hair that can make them nice to pet.

Unlike some bulldogs the English Bulldog is one of the gentlest breeds you can have. While it may seem like an aggressive dog when you see it, the English Bulldog is more affectionate and gentle than they are portrayed. The English Bulldog is a rather heavy set little creature, but most of that is muscle mass as long as you give it appropriate exercise.

You will even find they deal well with children because they are sturdy. They rely on their owners for a lot of affection, attention, and guidance.

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