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Great Dane Advice

This dog breed typically reaches a hundred or more pounds, with a maximum height of thirty- two inches. They are rarely seen in any other color besides black or blue. They can be brindle, fan masked with black, or white with black patches.

You will find they are a short haired dog making grooming rather easy for you. They should always have a shiny coat that is thick. For care regarding grooming you will find that brushing this dog at least once a week will remove and dead hair. You will also find the Great Dane loves the attention and will usually sit happily. Luckily this dog tends to keep itself clean so bathing isn't really necessary. If you do need to bathe your dog you don't have to worry they can handle the water.

It is more having the room for such a large dog in a bathroom that can cause a lot of mess. The Great Dane as his name suggests means he or she is a very large dog in the dog breeds. You will find the Great Dane to be an excellent family companion or guard dog. Typically the Great Dane dog breed is considered a working dog, but you can just teach him a few tricks and play.

The Great Dane is also known as the gentle giant because while he appears fierce, this dog is actually very gentle and affectionate. As mentioned the Great Dane is a very gentle dog in character. You will also find that they are dependable, responsible, and great at guarding a home or a person. This dog breed can make you feel very comfortable if you live alone, but they can also be a family pet. There size can make leaving them around little children seem unwise, and you should always supervise them around small children, but they won't be aggressive. Most often they will be playful.

You will need a large backyard for this dog when you consider care. They need plenty of space to run, explore and play in. You will not be able to live long in an apartment or condo once this dog grows to its full size.

You will also find the Great Dane loves to go on runs rather than walks or run along side a bike for optimal exercise. You should take care to play at least an hour with your dog. If you are looking for a Great Dane to add to your family you will most likely want to seek a dog breeder. Dog breeders will be able to help you with the information you will need to know about the dog and help you assess whether you have enough room. Sometimes a dog just has to pick the right owner.

They are very intuitive and will understand if you are not the dominant sort. If you feel that you can't be dominant or someone in your family cannot you will find the Great Dane is not really the dog for you. You also have to be willing to be active for your dog. They don't like to be sedentary and you can find your home damaged if they are left alone for too long.

They will also become bored. Training is also very important, especially if you want a guard dog. They tend to have temperament issues later on as adults if you don't show them who is dominant. You will till need to be gentle during training, but establishing a dominant owner is very important.

Obedience training is the most important part of training your dog. With the stubborn streak you will want to start as a puppy with your Great Dane.

Gerry Ronson writes for Dog, Dog Leads and Kong Toys.


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