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What is the deal with guard dogs

As there are a lot of Indian dogs, breeders have started the competition; but this time it is not about the best in show, but who makes the top 10 guard dogs. It is not easy, as different breeders have different criteria; as well as that owners have their opinions when it comes to what they want in a dog. The best guard dog is not a specific dog, but any dog that is well trained and has good manners and acts calmly around the family.

To get these good manners, owners should start using professional training techniques at the age of 2 or 3 months when the puppy's personality is forming. German Shepherds and Rottweilers make good home guards partly because people expect them to be protective. Either breed is very loving with family when raised and trained with them starting at 8 weeks. Nothing is automatic and dogs don't do a good job of training themselves. This is why these 2 dogs will always be part of the top 10 guard dogs. But all dogs, including Indian dogs can make it to that list.

Almost any dog will bark and if you are a novice a true guard breed would probably be too dominating for you. Danes are good guards but usually mellow, so they could be a good choice for someone who has never had guard dogs. So are Rottweilers but they need a firm hand and knowledgeable owner or they will take over. Any breed has wild and mellow dogs.

If the parents are mellow the pups will likely be so too. Black dogs are scarier so a black Labrador may fit your bill. And whether you choose any of the above or Indian dogs, you should know that all dogs need exercise to a greater or lesser degree. When selecting a puppy for making to the top 10 guard dogs list you need to choose the pup that is most dominate. There are breeds that are known for their potential to bite but don't get it unless you are prepared to insure your dominance over the pup. This does not mean for you to totally dominate the dog to where he sub misses totally, but to where the dog knows that you are alpha and he is second in command after you.

Indian dogs such as the Himalayan mastiff or the Indian bull mastiff are known to be dominant, so watch out! If you want your dog's behavior to place it in the top 10 guard dogs it would be best to take it to a professional school. That way, you won't be training the dog to be vicious; there are enough of those types around. You want your dog to be alert to strangers and not attack anyone, unless of course, they are breaking in or attacking you.

You could also expose him to lots of new people and situations in order to make it more confident. This way he'll be able to tell a threat from a situation that is not serious. Some breeds are naturally tougher, while others will never be aggressive no matter what you do. If you teach your dog to bite, you will have a huge liability problem - you and your family can be sued or even go to jail if your dog injures someone. Your homeowner's insurance policy may even refuse to cover you if you have a dangerous dog.

A lot of people have purchased Indian dogs with the intention of training them to be guard dogs. Although many Indian breeds are not known for being in the top 10 guard dogs they can still be trained to faithfully watch your properties and assets.


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