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What Exactly Do Ferrets Eat

So you've gone out and gotten yourself a furry friend that you are excited about teaching and feeding but it suddenly occurred to you that you are unsure about how to feed the ferret and you're wondering what do ferrets eat. That is a superb question because like every living thing on earth, the diet plays a huge factor in the health as well as the quality of life that it will have. What do ferrets eat when they are young? What do ferrets eat when they are older? What do ferrets eat when they are babies? If these are among your questions, keep reading and we'll touch on those subjects.

What Do Ferrets Eat as Babies? What do ferrets eat as babies is a great question because likely if you've owned a traditional pet like a cat or a dog you likely had to feed them puppy food or get supplemental milk from the pet store and ferrets are just not that hard to feed in that respect. Baby ferrets feed off the mother and are weaned off by the breeder or pet store before you ever get one however, with that said, once you have the baby ferret he is already used to a diet made up of pellets. What Do Ferrets Eat as Adults? What do ferrets eat as adults is another wonderful question however it is not complicated with a ferret like some other species of animals. The only thing ferrets don't fair well with in the way of pet foods are foods that contain fish meal and ferrets really don't like this at all.

Try to steer clear from any fish based food when purchasing your ferret food pellets and as a matter of fact, ferrets like shaped food better than pellets that look a little like rabbit food. An excellent quality cat food that is extremely high in protein can be fed also to a ferret but they really need a high percentage of protein and typically you should look for food that contains at least 25-30% protein content. Always be sure to stay away from foods that are easily attainable at a grocery store or grocery outlet as they are generally very cheaply made and don't provide the proper nutrition for a ferret. What Do Ferrets Eat as Treats? Ferrets do well on a treat based system when teaching them things but there are a few things to know before feeding your ferret any treats. Acceptable treats would be things such as fruits and vegetables but not too many! What do ferrets eat that are bad for them? Always stay away from chocolate, dog food, any type of raw meat and dairy products.

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