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Tips To A Well Behaved Dog

Having a well behaved dog can really mean the difference between a pleasant experience and a downright horror pet story. We all want to have a great time with our loved ones including our pets so why not implement some of these handy hints to ensure your dog is always well behaved. 1. Train your dog early.

Ideally you would want to start training your dog when its just a puppy. This is the best time to start setting boundaries and training it on what it can and cant do. If you have your dog a little later in its life span then get it to a local dog training course as early as possible. Think of it as quality bonding time and you can be around other pet lovers.

Your investment in a dog training routine will pay of immensely in the future. 2. Always be positive around your dog. Whether your training or otherwise be positive around your dog.

Treat your dog as you would like to be treated. Positive reinforcement goes along way to creating a pleasant well behaved dog. Keep your training sessions short and enjoyable for both you and your dog. If you find that you are feeling stressed then end the session for the day and pick up again the next day. 3. Set boundaries.

At the end of the day your dog is not an equal. It is merely an extension of your family. You wouldn't let your child run freely with no consequences and you wouldn't let your child run your household. This goes also for your dog. You need to ensure that your dog understands the pecking order. This will go along way to ensuring that your dog obeys your commands and is disciplined around you and strangers.

4. Be assertive with your commands. Don't discipline your dog by yelling out their name. They will in time relate their name with a negative connotation which is hardly what you want.

You don't want your dog shriveling in fear every time they hear their name. Pick commands and use assertiveness to enforce them without being aggressive. If your dog finds that you aren't enforcing your commands then they will in time start testing which commands to follow and which to ignore.

5. Enjoy your time with your dog. At the end of the day you want to have a companion that you both enjoy spending time with.

So do things that you both enjoy together and share time with each other. Take your dog to the park or for a walk. Make sure you bring some treats. A well behaved dog is not such a far fetched idea. With a little patience and training any dog can be mans favoured companion.

For more dog obedience and training tips and ideas visit: http://www.obediencedoggytraining.com


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