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The Silver Miniature Poodle The Gold of the Poodle World

If you're looking for a beautiful dog with incredible intelligence, you need look no further than the Silver Miniature Poodle. These dogs are favored by many people as companions, show dogs and for agility trials. Take a look at the history of the Poodle as a whole, and some facts about the Silver Miniature Poodle in particular. Poodles as a breed are recognized to have originated in France, though several other countries would happily accept responsibility for the creation of this breed.

Though the Silver Miniature Poodle of today is likely to be a pampered pet or elegant show dog, that hasn't always been the case. The Poodles of a few centuries ago were hunters and retrievers. In fact, it's noted that "poodle" may be derived from a French word that literally means "likes to play in water." In those circumstances, the Poodles were clipped very short so that their thick coat didn't absorb water and weight the dogs down when retrieving waterfowl. But the thick coat on the legs and underbelly provided at least some protection from sticks and obstacles encountered while retrieving. Today, the Silver Miniature Poodle may be clipped in several different ways.

Many families who have the dogs strictly as pets and companions opt for a short "puppy clip." In this case, the hair of the Silver Miniature Poodle is simply trimmed fairly short all over the dog's body. If looking for a fancier clip, some owners choose the "saddle clip." This is that traditional, elegant look that includes the pom-poms around the feet. This naturally takes much more grooming effort than the puppy clip, but does provide a very showy effect.

It's important to note that many canine clubs limit the types of clips allowed for Poodles that will be shown. The Miniature Poodle as a whole is a very loyal, loving intelligent dog. That intelligence has made dogs such as the Silver Miniature Poodle a favorite for shows, performances and tricks. These dogs quickly learn new things and are eager for a new challenge. They'll usually be more than willing to enter into games, especially if they're learning new things as part of the play. But never imagine that the Silver Miniature Poodle is every ounce an angel.

These dogs as a breed usually weigh around ten to twelve pounds as an adult, but they can certainly find plenty of ways to achieve their goals. They don't do well when left alone, especially if they feel they've been abandoned. They need plenty of activities to keep their busy minds occupied. If you don't provide quality activities, they'll think up things to do on their own. The owners often aren't pleased with those choices! There's no doubt that the Silver Miniature Poodle is an excellent choice as both companion and show dog. If you're looking for a pet that can fit into either (or both) worlds, this could very well be the answer.

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