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The Great Dane A Gentle Giant Among Canines

Great Dane's are gentle giants, with males standing as tall as thirty to thirty-four inches, and females twenty eight to thirty-two inches there is not much room for disobedience in these loving creatures. And luck has it, their docile and easygoing nature overrides the difficulty you may encounter when training a Great Dane. Male Great Danes can weigh from one hundred twenty pounds all the way up to two hundred pounds.

Females can max out at anywhere from one hundred to one hundred thirty pounds. Great Danes that exceed the typical weight of their breed are far more prized and valued due to their rarity. Great Danes are subject to health problems that are common to many other large breeds. Hip dysplasia is always something to be aware and concerned about when you have a large canine as your family pet and best friend. It is extremely important to be as certain as you possibly can that you are purchasing a Great Dane from a reputable breeder.

It is not uncommon for "less than purebred" Danes to be distributed into the unknowing public. There are plenty of breeders out there who have the compassion and conscience to adhere to quality not quantity as a rule. Even if you live in an apartment a Great Dane will survive happily. Just because it is an enormous dog doesn't mean it can't be calm and contented in small living quarters.

The main objective is to be certain a Great Dane has plenty of exercise before it is left alone in any home. Two good long walks in one day are sufficient and a big yard is always a plus for any dog breed, but specifically important for large breeds such as Great Danes. Though they are large, Great Dane's are terrific companions for children. Due to their size it is imperative they are trained well.

They should have good manners and baseline obedience skills at a very early age. Teaching a Great Dane not to lean on people, as one can imagine, is also an important lesson. Grooming is better done daily than to wait until things get so bad you need to bathe a Great Dane. Unless you have access to a car wash that accepts big dogs, maintaining the short-haired coat of a Great Dane with daily brushing is a really good idea. Baths are inevitable; but quite the chore they are.

The life expectancy of a Great Dane is typically less than ten years Of course there are always exceptions to this rule and some Great Danes have been reported to live to twelve and thirteen years of age. Known as the "Apollo" of dogs, the Great Dane has a distinct noble nature about him. Fantastic deterrents of deviant behavior, Great Danes' sheer size alone makes them a great watchdog.

When searching for that perfect family pet, you need not look farther than close to three feet off the ground, there you will see what first might be perceived as a miniature horse but soon clearly becomes a Great Dane.

For more information on Great Dane's and other Popular, and not-so-popular breeds of dogs, visit The Working Dog Directory


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