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Pet Medicine Magical Science

Magicians, in the best sense of the word, bring wonder and a sense of the sacred to every day life. The amalgam of science and magic elevates the healing art for ourselves and our pets. Okay, at this point you are probably saying to yourself, "What is he talking about?" How can magic help science? Canines Let's take canines, the friend of man for at least fifty thousand years. Dogs are a connection to another world, a world where the sense of smell is revealed as a magical sense. Dogs smell water and fear and love and cancer and epilepsy and earthquakes and spirits in the night.

A dog is a body around a nose smelling in multiple dimensions. Not only smelling in the four physical space and time dimensions, but also in the emotional, energetic, and geological dimensions. Dogs are a connection to another world, a world where the sense of smell is revealed as a magical sense. Cats Or, let's take felines, the sacred Egyptian animal link to emotional power. Cats are balanced around an emotional consciousness within a body.

By their presence, we inch towards tranquility. Everyone from the wheel-chair-bound to the busy house holder finds a measure of peace by association with cats. Life Iridescent The tree of life sprouts species like iridescent leaves. All life is connected.

The cat and the dog are ornaments of our being, efflorescences of living light. When we recognize that interconnection, new avenues for healing open up. Serpent Wisdom The gastro-intestinal tract of a living organism is the serpentine interface between the self and the not-self. The intestinal mucosa is the membrane of transmogrification- where food is converted into the building blocks of Being.

Outside this channel, these building blocks become the animal. That is magic! The GI tract is an alchemical vessel, a fermentation vat, working with the aid of bacterial, fungal, yeast, and viral partners. Any stress, including antibiotics, vaccines, nutrient deficiencies, even tap water, causes mutant and pathological changes.

Yeasts grow wildly, sending roots into the mucosa. Anaerobes find refuge and flourish in the disorder. A gut out of balance is a prescription for disaster.

For one hundred years, nutritional scientists have been working on therapies using flora to balance the mammalian gut. About five hundred separate life forms: virus crystals, unicellular bacteria, gardens of yeast and mold, fragments of fragments exhibiting intelligence and purpose participate in digestion. Science has discovered some of these entities can be concentrated and used as medicines for ourselves and our pets. Elie Metchnikoff, the 1908 Nobel Prize winner in physiology, was the first to recognize the value of microorganisms in the treatment of intestinal diseases.

He was the first of the modern researchers to recognize that digestion was not a simple cooking process. Rather, armies of organisms work in concert to turn food into the animal's body. Acidophilus was the first organism isolated and studied by Metchnikoff. Since then numerous beneficial organisms have been identified. You already know about yogurt and acidophilus.

Now, get ready for the next wave: Soil Based Organisms. Let them eat dirt! Seventy-five years of study later, a startling discovery opened up an entirely new line of investigation. It turns out we need to eat some dirt. But not just any dirt. Much of what passes for dirt today isn't fit to eat.

Animals instinctively know the difference. Science is just beginning to catch up. Modern sanitation has been far too successful. The Cleanliness Monster has gone over the top. By eliminating all sources of outside contamination, not only are the five percent dangerous microorganisms prevented entry but the ninety-five percent (friends and allies) are also kept out of our pet's bodies. Kept out are one essential part of the probiotic army, Soil Based Organisms (SBOs).

As human qualities vary, so the value of bacteria to any particular treatment varies widely. You need the right person for the job and the right formulation of bacteria to heal. When SBOs are consumed in an optimized and balanced formulation, every aspect of physiology is positively affected.

The most profound effects, though, are on gastrointestinal function. In less than twenty-four hours, an optimized formulation of SBOs will normalize intestinal function, eliminating the cause of diarrhea and vomiting. Consequently, irritated intestines are soothed, gas is reduced, transit time is normalized, and stools again take on the natural odor of fermentation. This healing action of the SBOs occurs regardless of the cause of diarrhea and vomiting.

SBOs normalize the GI tract, which then supports normalization of the body even in cases of food poisoning, excessive use of antibiotics, hyperacidity, heavy metals, even intestinal upset caused by cancerous growths or cancer treatment. While simple diarrhea and vomiting resolve in a day or less, severe conditions can take one or two months to remedy. SBOs are the new frontier for the treatment of intestinal problems plaguing our pets.

The author of this article is Stephen Becker, a principal in Vitality Science, a company dedicated to natural alternatives to restore and maintain pet health.


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