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More Tips on Puppy Proofing Your Home and Making It Safe for Your Puppy

As with toddlers, puppies seem to put everything into their mouths. This is due to that insatiable curiosity and boundless energy they seem to have. Just as with toddlers, you must remove small objects from your puppy's reach as you puppy proof your home. Think of all the things you would not want a toddler getting and move it higher or into storage. The trick for toddlers is anything that can fit down the cardboard tube of a toilet paper roll is too small and that can be a good rule of thumb for your puppy as well. Things like loose change on the table, too small toys, jewelry, needles, marbles, etc.

must be removed. And remember your puppy keeps growing so what is a safe location one day might not be next week. In your effort to puppy proof your home, think of things you do not want your puppy chewing on and remove those. It is almost proverbial that a puppy will chew on your shoes and socks.

You might think it's funny or cute now, but you won't be thinking that when he is a full-grown adult. Not only is chewing your shoes and socks a potential health hazard to your puppy, it can get expensive replacing the chewed up items. Remove the temptation now as you puppy proof your home.

Think of the rooms in your home from your puppy's perspective. The bathroom may not seem so dangerous to you, but that trash may hold some items that will put his health into danger such as dental floss, cleaning rags or even feminine products. Keep the toilet lid shut. You wouldn't have that potential drowning hazard available to a toddler, so don't leave it available to your puppy. Best to keep that door shut.

And keep this danger in mind when surveying your kitchen. The kitchen trash can pose such a hazard as well not to mention the mess your puppy can make. Be sure your trashcan is substantial enough when you are making your home puppy proof that your puppy can't knock it over. Another hazard to consider when looking to puppy proof your home is an open window.

If you have windows you keep open that somehow your puppy can get to, you can see that he might easily fall out that window. If it is a high placed window, if might suffer severe injury or even death. A low window could let him get out into the great outdoors where he might get lost, be run over or run into something much bigger than him. Yet another thing to consider when you puppy proof your home is things your puppy can ingest that might be harmful to him.

Too much candy and certain houseplants can make your puppy very sick. Remove the candy dish from the coffee table and move the houseplants where he can't reach. When you puppy proof your home, remember to take a look around from your puppy's perspective. Things that are "just there" for you can be dangerous for your puppy both from a health standpoint as well as from a training aspect. Don't set your puppy up for bad habits simply because you didn't take the time to puppy proof your home. copyright 2005.

Sandra Dinkins-Wilson.

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