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Learn About Designer Dog Beds

If your dog is your best budy, sleeping on a cold floor is pase. I assume that you probably don't want him to stretch out on your beautiful suede sofa or your leather easy chair. The solution? One of the many exceptional designer dog beds that are available today.

These days, dog lovers can find dog beds at nearly any pet store, online or offline. However, if you want to find a high-class designer dog bed, you may need to head to an exclusive online dog store or a brick-and-mortar pet boutique. Designer gear for dogs has grown into much more of specialty over the last several years. Ever since celebrities began bringing their tiny little dogs with them wherever they went in those charming dog carriers, buying top quality accessories for pets has become a widespread phenomenon.

People purchase dog carriers, dog clothing, and designer leashes and collars. And, of course, people purchase designer dog beds. In fact, the designer dog bed industry has exploded into its own specialty—there are some websites and stores that sell nothing but different types of beds for pampered pets.The variety available is rather unbelievable! A regular, everyday dog bed—one that is shaped like a pillow—can generally be purchased for less than $50.

Depending upon the size needed (which, of course, depends upon the size of the dog) the price will vary. Add a designer's name to this very same bed, however, and the price will double—at least. That is not the only type of designer dog bed. These beds come in just about any shape, size, and style imaginable—and few pet owners couldn't fathom. Designer dog beds can be in a "donut" shape. These beds have a solid bottom, albeit one that is extremely cushiony.

They offer a donut ring that is as cozy as your duvet. Pets lucky enough to sleep in these beds can relax in the center of the bed and rest their weary heads on the ring of the donut. There are also many styles of designer dog beds that are shaped like miniature sofas.

Dog owners can find styles that match the décor of their homes. Various fabrics, patterns, and styles of sofas are available from which owners can choose. Pampered pets can also sleep in designer dog beds that look exactly like little beds.

There are dog beds that have headboards and footboards or ones without. These are ideal to put in a bedroom for the dogs that like to sleep in the room with their owners. Specialty cushions are also available for several types of designer dog beds. For dogs who are older or arthritic, owners can purchase heated dog beds that heat up whenever the dog lays down. Or, dogs in hot climates can be treated to beds that contain cooling packs. People who want to get the very best for their best friends have loads of options—it may be difficult to choose!.

If you want more information on quality designer dog beds, Joede writes about vet recommended dog bed supplies that are of quality and won't break the bank.


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