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Is Our Pet Stuff Really Necessary

There have always been some animal owners that go over the top with pampering their pet poodle or fluffy feline, although most of us would stretch to no more to a colorful collar and a squeaky toy. But things have changed and more pets than ever before are getting 5 star treatments as the shops stock up on all the latest pet stuff to hit the modern market. If you are an animal lover, and you probably are if you're reading here, then you will probably relate to this.

There are so many cool gimmicky, practical and ridiculous pet playthings around today, that we as a nation are spending more on pet stuff than ever before. Have you seen the dog toothbrushes, or ribbons for cats? What about those little shoes and socks to keep the paws warm on those cold winter walkies, not to mention the tartan coats, and little caps? Honestly, it's as if Sherlock Holmes has been turned into a canine by the local witch. But when is too much of this pet stuff just a little too much for the pets? I understand that these owners are genuinely loving and caring towards their animals, but I wonder what the pets would say about it all if only they could speak? Would Pita the poodle really be jumping for joy at the front door if he knew he was going to Suzie's Salon for a cut and blow dry? And what about that pink tint? Hmm! Back in the 1960's we had a lovely mongrel bitch called Babble. She was allowed to run amuck in the local park and get all mudded as she enjoyed a right good ole game of fetch the stick.

No colors, no coats or fancy foot wear, and no avoiding puddles or dirty fields. Just a boy, his dog, and small tree branch! We had no pricy pet stuff in those days. Babble's treat was a simple tuppenny ha'penny chewable thingamajig that lasted her for months before she was able to gnaw it to bits.

Our beautiful Babble went on to live for 16 long years before she eventually passed away. She was a happy dog and we were happy to have had her. So what's with all these natural and premium pet foods that are being promoted as the in-thing for your dog's health? Then there are vitamins for all kinds of animals plus various grooming supplies. Now we're seeing flashing collars, dog shock collars (now that's a different article), lavish leashes, travel accessories, bedding (including four posters for rodents!) and aquariums with underwater fairgrounds! Don't get me wrong here, there's a lot of great pet stuff out there among the stupid items, but I think the best present any animal could get from its owner, it a bit of customary fuss, regular meals, and plenty of opportunity for exercise, whether that's a walk for the hounds, a fly pass for the birds, and wheels, swings and climbing things for the rodents. Enough said!.

Gary Tooth is a proficient writer for Pickingpets.com where he has articles on Pet Dogs and Frontline for Dogs. He also has other 'Pet' related pieces on the site.


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