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Find Out Everything About The Parrots Of The World

Parrots have always been very popular birds because of their interesting behavior and bright appearance. Nowadays parrots of the world include a lot of types. Each type is unique either for its color, or size, or ability to be trained and taught to speak.

The parrots native land is mainly tropical woods of South America, Australia, New Zealand and South-West Asia. Why Parrots Are Interesting? Parrots appearance is most interesting due to color. In fact, parrots are considered to be the most colorful type of birds. Plumage of a parrot may have various colors - red, yellow, dark blue, black, white, but the most popular color is green. Usually parrots of the world have all shades of green color, and just a few types have not.

Other remarkable features of parrots are massive beaks and paws. The beak has such important functions as crushing nutshells and supporting the bird during climbing up the trees. The paws of a parrot seem short and clumsy, but actually these are very flexible parts of body. Paws help parrots to hold on branches and to eat. You see, parrots fingers are so amazingly plastic, that a parrot can successfully keep in paws a walnut as well as an oat. Usually the most famous parrots of the world may be seen in zoos.

We can frequently find cockatoos and there a type of parrots that were first brought from Australia or the islands of the Indian Ocean. These are large white, pink or black birds with a crest on the head. Other outstanding parrots of the world are macaws that came from South America and are popular for their length equal to meter or more. African Grey parrot is the best chatterer among parrots of the world. One African Grey parrot is known for managing to learn 800 English words! Budgerigars, Australian parrots with a long tail, are considered to be the best bird pets because they are rather easy to maintain they are not large, not too noisy and may be trained successfully. The Reasons Why Rare Types of Parrots Disappear Unfortunately, parrots allure has provoked to extermination of many rare kinds of these birds.

People extirpate a huge amount of parrots, especially large ones, for their tail feathers, which are sold to the tourists afterwards. Also, parrot collectors, who are ready to pay any sum of money to get a rare kind, make the most beautiful and rare parrots of the world disappear. Another reason is black markets where parrots are sold illegally.

Many parrots perish during transportation, and if even they manage to reach their final owner they usually suffer very much from inappropriate climatic conditions and lack of proper care. But, perhaps, the main reason of parrots disappearance is severe felling of tropical woods. Irresponsible organizers of that regard tropics as means of getting profit, and they do not realize that thus they harm to flora and fauna. Parrots inhabitancy gets destroyed, birds feel lack of forage and are constantly under stress because of necessity to change a place of habitat.

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