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Dogs and Cats Can Live Together

Many first time dog owners have many questions about whether their dog will be good around other pets, around cats, and of course around children. You will find that most dog breeds have specific information on whether they can actually be around other pets. You may have seen stories of dogs adopting little baby chicks or becoming friendly with deer, but are the stories really true? For the most part you have to be very careful with dogs around other pets.

There are certain breeds of dogs that tend to have affection for cats; however you will find that some dog breeds are not ideal. Below you will find a list of some of the dogs that will do well with cats and some reasons as to why. You should also realize that making this important decision before owning a new dog or before introducing a cat into your home with a dog is an important aspect of caring for your dog.

First dogs take a lot of care. You will find that most dog breeds need to be walked for at least fifteen minutes a day if not an hour. They also need a lot of affection and attention throughout the day with play time, training time, and of course their bathroom breaks.

So before you introduce a cat into your home with a dog you have to make sure you are willing and able to take care of both pets. Cats are easier to handle as they are mostly able to have a food bowl on the floor constantly and can be trained to use the litter box. They generally need affection as well, but not always the amount a dog requires. Once you have made the decision that you can handle two types of pets you need to look at the breed of dog you have. Dog breeds that you need to stay away from with small pets include Great Danes, Affenpinschers, Sheepdogs, hounds, and hunting dogs.

You will find that most large dog breeds do not do well around small animals. For larger dog breeds like the hounds or Great Danes they were taught to hunt. Their instincts are to hunt the cat rather than allow it peace.

Even if they understand the cat is part of the family they can also be too rough on the cat. For instance German Shepherds love to play. They will adopt a new family member well, especially cats, but they can be extremely rough on the smaller animal, not understanding the gentleness needed even during play. This is the major concern with all dogs and cats. Dogs tend to be rougher during play and most breeds have been breed for working as hunters or hounds, which mean they prey on smaller animals for their masters to catch in the hunt. Dog breeds that can do well with cats include German Shepherds, Boxers, Labradors, and the smaller dog breeds such as small Terriers, Beagles, Basset Hounds, and Collies.

What you must realize with any dog is that training is extremely important in these cases. You will find that German Shepherds all though they can be harmful to cats can be trained to behave around smaller pets. During training you need to socialize the dog with other dogs as well as cats or other animals they may be around. The idea is that at an early age if the dog understands the behaviour required of them around other more delicate pets they will be able to live in harmony rather than harming them. So yes dogs and cats can live together as long as the proper training and precautions are taken.

Gerry Ronson has been working with dogs for over 20 years and now works as a writer for the websites dog accessories and puppies for sale.


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