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Cat Aggression Part

If your new kitten attacks you, it probably will not hurt. But never encourage this behavior because you do not want him to grow up thinking that climbing up on people's legs is an acceptable behavior. If he attacks you when he is an adult, it is definitely not cute. He must learn to attack only his own belongings.

- If he just growls or hisses, just walk away. - If he actually bites you or scratches, say, "Ouch!" immediately and sound hurt even if it really did not hurt. Rub your bite and walk away. - If he is a kitten and you are confident you will not get hurt, pick him up and set him down pointing away from you. Walk away. If he persists, lock him in the bathroom for five minutes.

If he is still feeling feisty when he comes out, have a lure toy ready and play with him when you let him out. - Watch for his warning signs of anger or agitation. Pay attention to how he holds his ears, tail and posture before he attacks. Watch his eyes and mouth. If you see an attack coming, try distracting him with a lure toy, or push an "aggression toy" onto him.

Give him something that he can kick and bite. Use a large fuzzy catnip toy, stuffed animal sprayed with catnip. You can also make your own: Stuff a tube of strong, snaggy fabric with polyester fiberfill and dried catnip. Sew the ends shut. It should be long enough for him to bite and kick at the same time.

A terry cloth sock works very well. - Handle your cat with care. Almost any cat will defend himself against rough handling. Even if your cat only scratches or bites in that situation, stop doing it.

Rough play is not a good idea anyway. You want your cat calm and happy, not wild up. - Do not use your hands to play with your cat.

Use a lure toy instead. When cats play, they use their teeth and claws. - For cats who turn aggressive because of certain noises, avoid those noises when you are around if possible. However, at the same time you will need to get the cat more used to human noise by playing music or television every day. Do not let him always be in a quiet environment.

He needs to be exposed to normal human sounds to get more used to living with them. - Add cat vitamin supplements to help alleviate moodiness. - Keep his nails trimmed. Kitten's claws are very sharp and will easily cut through your skin. Adult claws can do even more serious damage.

- Watch his diet. Sometimes, a specific food can cause allergic reactions that can lead to angry spells. Tuna, yeast and hormone-injected meats have been known to do that in some cats. - Do not hold a cat when he is likely to be suddenly frightened, such as when meeting a new cat or dog or walking near an appliance making noise. - If you get a kitten that is really aggressive and does not respond to training, you may need to take him back. If your new adult cat is aggressive, consider returning him right away.

Do not adopt a cat that you think is dangerous.

Tristan Andrews writes useful articles about cats and kittens. Discover and explore the feline world. Find out how to better care for, train and live with your cat at http://www.i-love-cats.com


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