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Are You An Animal Lover

Some people almost seem to run a veritable zoo from their home. They often have several dogs, a cat or two, perhaps a rabbit, and maybe a guinea pig. Then again, there are those people who would not have an animal in the house. These folks will tell you that they want nothing to do with a pet and that they are not at all interested in adding a non human member to their families.

In reality, all people are probably animal people at some level. There seems to be a natural bond between humans and animals that almost everyone experiences at one time or another. Those who proclaim their distaste for pet ownership are probably not really aversive to animals; they just dont make a great connection with traditional pets. Thats perfectly acceptable, of course.

The dog many be mans best friend, but that does not mean each and every man has to love it! Unfortunately, we often allow our perception of dealing with animals to be governed by a limited perspective regarding pets. For most people, the term pet means dogs and cats. Those are the two most popular forms of house pets. These animals are perfectly suited as human companions in general, but many people just dont seem to get along with them. Those folks may say they are not animal orientated, but they might not feel that way if they looked into some alternative pets that are available.

The realm of pets is not just a matter of cats and dogs. There are literally hundreds of other great pet options. Many of those who dont feel a connection with the cats and dogs can find a perfect match among the tiny pet alternatives that are available. So how about a small pet.

Many small, easily manageable pets will fit with anyones lifestyle while providing companionship and many enjoyable hours. These small pet friends run the gamut of species and personality, meaning there is probably a great option available for everyone. Even the most hardcore anti animal person is often surprised to discover his or her ability to develop a meaningful kinship with a small pet. Those who prefer a quiet pet and who do not particularly want to be able to pat an animal may enjoy an aquarium. The soothing powers of keeping fish are well known and many people who have claimed to dislike animals have found themselves active aquarists over time.

Those who might want to explore an underappreciated animal might look toward snakes as an option. Though reviled by many people, snakes can make a wonderful pet and many people enjoy having them around and caring for them. Rodents are also popular among many pet owners, even though the whole of society tends to perceive them as a nuisance. Not all of the small pet options lack fur, however. There are childhood standbys like hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs. There are also other mammalian options in addition to dogs and cats.

From rats to ferrets, there are many possibilities. Birds. Turtles.

Exotic species. Options abound. In addition, believe it or not, some people who had previously expressed their absolute disdain for dogs and cats become completely enamored by miniature breeds and find themselves changing their perspectives after being introduced to the little guys (and gals). These alternative pet ideas work because they usually overcome the chief objectives non animal people have to keeping a pet.

Those with allergies need not worry about fish fur! A person who does not like the idea of taking long walks with a dog or training it appropriately can escape those concerns while enjoying his or her turtles. Those reluctant to add an animal to the family due to space limitations need not be concerned with a teacup cat running the house! Really, deep down inside, everyone is an animal person. The trick is matching the right animal with the right person! Most of us find comfort with a cat or dog, but others might want to consider some other possible animal friends. For those who are not excited at owning a dog or cat, miniature pet options might make a perfect alternative!.

john savage has an interesting Blog About Pets which can be seen by Clicking Here


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